#OOTD: Tonal Texture

#OOTD: Tonal TextureWe’ve had some pretty NASTY rain on and off in Vancouver these last few weeks, and despite having spring right around the corner, it sure doesn’t feel like it. Maybe it’s my Persian blood talking, but if it feels as cold as it has been, there’s no way I’m ditching my warm outerwear, no matter what month it is! However, a conundrum still remains: despite it not feeling like spring, the longing for spring colours is still there. Enter this textured fuzzy coat in this neutral tone. There’s something fantastical about a piece that reminds you both of high fashion and the Muppets, isn’t there?! This beauty of a coat does exactly that, and all for only $30, yep you read that right! More on that in a minute…

#OOTD: Tonal Texture

#OOTD: Tonal TextureI had seen these fuzzy, Muppet-like coats on the runways the last few seasons, as well as on the top European fashion bloggers, but despite being immediately drawn to them, I wasn’t sure if my petite five-foot frame could sport them without looking like cookie monster’s long lost cousin…not the cute one either. So my heart kept longing for one of these terrifically textured babies for my closet, I even tried on a few different varieties, but it always ended the same, with me putting them back on the rack. It wasn’t until I saw this one on clearance at Forever 21 did I take the plunge.

#OOTD: Tonal TextureYes, the super affordable price made it easy to consider, but believe it or not, it was also because it was the first one I had tried on that had ANY shape. All the others were in that cocoon boxy shape, which may look great hanging off a tall waif model, but any girl with an actual figure ends up looking like a bit of a mess. This one was cut closer to the body, going in at the waist, and flaring slightly out. And the fabric was thinner than the previously heavier versions I had tried on. I also loved how the beige colour of the coat was the perfect neutral tone to go with multiple things in my wardrobe. Did I mention it was also only $30??? Score.

#OOTD: Tonal Texture#OOTD: Tonal TextureTo counterbalance the heaviness of the coat, I wanted to pair it with lady-like vintage pieces. This polyester printed blouse came straight from my mom’s closet (purchased in the mid-1970’s), and this saddle cross-body bag I got from an amazing vintage store in Portland, Oregon. I had almost forgotten about this bag until the Chloé “Drew” bag recently revitalized the popular handbag silhouettes of the 1970’s, propelling imitations everywhere. Seeing these bags in almost every retailer this last year reminded me to bring this bag out from the back of my closet…I figure if you can’t afford a Chloé, a vintage bag is the next best thing! The jeans are the perfect feminine stretch skinnies jeans, finished off with my favourite nude pumps. Call it “Working Girl” meets street-style!

#OOTD: Tonal Texture#OOTD: Tonal TextureSo tell me, would you sport a perfectly textured Muppet coat? 😉

Outfit details: Textured fuzzy coat- Forever 21, printed blouse- vintage (mom’s closet), denim skinny jeans- AG Jeans from Nordstrom, leather saddle bag- vintage, Saint Laurent nude pumps- Holt Renfrew

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