Summer Ready with Diane’s Lingerie

Summer Ready with Diane's LingerieIt’s official: summer is finally here on the west coast! For months us ladies wait patiently to bust out our warm-weather wardrobe, body-con dresses, low-cut t-shirts, off-the-shoulder tops, backless boho rompers…sounds divine doesn’t it? Not so much when figuring out what bras to wear under those delightful pieces seems more difficult than navigating the Bermuda Triangle. This conundrum is one that so many women face at this time of the year: how to still rock these fashion-forward pieces with the proper undergarments as a normal healthy-sized woman and not a waif-thin model. If you’re larger chested like me, going without any support is not an option, but visible straps or unsupportive miniscule bras that don’t hold the girls up doesn’t sound very appealing either. Now what’s a gal to do??!!

summer ready with Diane's Lingerie

Enter the perfect fitting summer bra, from the experts that have been doing it for over 30years, Diane’s Lingerie. I first began shopping at Diane’s Lingerie about 6 years ago, and it was truly life changing. For so long I was unable to find a proper fitting bra for my small frame and large cup size. The big box stores automatically think that if you have a large cup size you must be 200 pounds, therefore you don’t need a small band size at all. Not the case! Upon my first fitting experience at Diane’s, I learnt that almost 80% of women wear the wrong sized bra (I know, it’s utterly shocking) and even with my extensive knowledge on the subject, I still was off with the fit I had at the time. Thankfully the lovely staff at Diane’s outfitted me with the proper size and the proper shopping know-how. I immediately came home, put all my old bras in the charity bin and I haven’t looked back since.

summer ready with Diane's Lingerie

If I had challenges with finding the right bra, I know that other women definitely have them too. That’s why I was so excited to partner with Diane’s Lingerie to host an intimate event this month that tackled the summer undergarment problem, while also teaching women the tips and tricks to find the perfect fitting t-shirt bra. It was wonderful to have Diane’s Lingerie filled with female media and digital influencers of all different shapes and sizes, all with different sets of concerns that we could tackle and solve in one evening. As Diane’s motto so perfectly states, every body is unique and we fit them ALL.

summer ready with Diane's Lingerie

Some of the lovely guests in attendance, from left to right: Meghan Faye, Crystal Carson, Lucy Yun and Fashion Magazine’s Joy Pecknold.

summer ready with Diane's Lingerie

June132016_Event_DianesLingerie5 copyFor those you didn’t get a coveted spot to the Summer Ready event, I want to share with you the knowledge that was the cornerstone to my presentation for our guests. Firstly: how to find the perfect t-shirt bra. In order to find the perfect one, you must first know what “perfect” looks like. A great-fitting t-shirt bra is one with smooth and seamless cups, and that is completely invisible when worn under your t-shirt. For fit, here are the top things to look for:

  • The bra band should fit snuggly because it provides the majority of the support. The bra band should sit lower down on the back (parallel or lower than the front of the bra), and it shouldn’t be riding up. Most women are wearing the bra band too loose, which causes it to ride up the back while the front of the bra tips forward. This creates an unbalanced silhouette. It also causes the back to not look smooth under a t-shirt. When the bra band is too loose, it also means you are getting no support from the bra.
  • The placement of the wires should include all of the breast tissue.
  • The cups should hold all of the breast tissue, no gaps or spillage.
  • The center gore should sit flat against the chest.
  • The shoulder straps should have the proper tension and stay in place on the shoulders. That means no falling straps when you move your arms.

June132016_Event_DianesLingerie18 copyJune132016_Event_DianesLingerie17 copy

Highlights from the event’s fashion presentation, with Diane’s Lingerie’s Store Director, Lynda Barr

A flattering fit always comes first when choosing a bra, but if you’ve got the fit down pat, then it’s time to have some fun! Never before in fashion have bras become a fashion piece themselves; no longer completely covered up, bras and bralets are peeping through see-through lace, worn alone under blazers and vests or as a top to high-waisted skirts and wide-leg pants. At the event I wanted to play with this concept and provide some fashion inspiration for our media guests. I styled two fashion forward summer outfits as part of my presentation, which had the bras on full display! First I styled a blue and white gingham-printed Marie Joe bra as a top (that can also pass as swimwear!), worn under a white long sleeveless vest and paired with a printed high-waisted skirt with a fun hemline tassel. The next outfit had a strapless bra peeping through a gorgeous beach coverup (both from Diane’s Lingerie) that can be dressed up with jeans and heels (as seen on our model) or dressed down with shorts or a bathing suit for the pool. When you have a proper-fitting, great quality bra, trust me, you’ll want to show them off!

summer ready with Diane's Lingerie

Posing with Diane’s Lingerie’s President and Owner, Sharon Hayles and our two models who are wearing the fashion looks I styled, all using bras from Diane’s Lingerie.

The last bit of knowledge myself and the staff at Diane’s Lingerie wanted to leave our guests with was what bras make up the perfect bra wardrobe. As women we all have underwear drawers filled with pieces we either never wear or have only worn a handful of times. That’s simply money down the drain! Instead, the staff at Diane’s recommends having the following must-have pieces:

  • Seamless bras (for those t-shirts and tight-fitting dresses)
  • Sports bra
  • Strapless bra
  • Multi-way bra (aka a bra with straps that can be manipulated and changed to accommodate different straps or halters)
  • Special(Just for you) bra- something lacy and fabulous! And while you’re at it, get the matching bottoms too.

summer ready with Diane's LingerieSome last words of advice on your bra wardrobe…even if you know your size through and through, you should still be fitted once a year. Factors like weight change, pregnancy, and hormones can cause breast size to change.

The Summer Ready x Diane’s Event was such a treat to be a part of, and I happy to be able to share the knowledge we provided here on Style by Mana with all of you. For highlights and more tips from the event, be sure to follow @DianesLingerie on social media and look up the hashtag #summerreadyxDianes.

summer ready with Diane's Lingerie

Speaking to Daily Hive’s Lifestyle Editor, Crystal Kwon.

summer ready with Diane's Lingerie

summer ready with Diane's Lingerie

Happy Summer!! xx

Preloved Perfection | Value Village Holiday Contest

Preloved Perfection Nothing beats the thrill of a good fashion find…especially at a thrift or consignment store. Better yet when it’s in mint condition and at a wallet-friendly price. By now it’s no surprise to you all how much I love incorporating stylish preloved garments and accessories into my wardrobe, but I still get many of my readers and viewers asking, “how on earth do you find those gems Mana??!!”. Thrifting takes patience, practice, and an open mind. Also multiple visits, as stock is replenished frequently (daily for most thrift stores like Value Village, and weekly for more boutique consignment stores). Not all treasure hunts will amount in bounty, but if my last few visits to Value Village are any indication, there are hidden gems everywhere!

Preloved PerfectionPreloved PerfectionPreloved Perfection Case in point, this 70’s inspired outfit that was almost completely sourced from Value Village. The only exception? The blouse, taken from my mom’s closet (purchased in the actual 1970’s though!). But everything else, and I mean everything, was found on a thrifting adventure at Value Village. The standout piece is of course the fur and suede jacket, which was only $36. You should have seen the sheer excitement in my eyes when I spotted this gem, but funnily enough it was not in the coat section, but just hanging randomly within sweaters (a little side tip, keep your eye out throughout the store, and don’t overlook areas around mirrors where people have tried stuff on and left them). The jeans are mint condition J Brand bell bottoms, which were priced at $12, and with some minor alterations to the length costing $18, the total price came out to a bargain $30 (a huge win considering these babies retail for $250 brand new). The purse and brooch were both under $10 each, but their unique details give the entire look a very designer-esque feel. Total cost of the outfit: under $75!

Preloved Perfection


Preloved Perfection Preloved Perfection So preloved fashion equals stylish and affordable, but the cherry on top? The benefits it has on our planet. Saving perfectly new clothes from being dumped in a landfill is an important choice that I encourage everyone to practice regularly. It will make you feel good on multiple levels, I promise!

Preloved Perfection


Preloved PerfectionNow that you have some inspiration, I want you to share your fabulous finds for the holiday season with me! I have teamed up with Value Village for an Instagram holiday contest, with the winner taking home a $100 Value Village gift certificate, good for use at any location! Use it for yourself or to help you pick out some unique gifts for the under the tree.

Entry details:

  1. Follow @ManaMansour on Instagram
  2. Share your favourite thrift/preloved find (can be a cute outfit or even holiday decor) with the hashtags #thriftmas AND #stylebymana

* All steps must be followed to guarantee entry

Contest closes December 16 at 12 pm. The winner will be announced on my Instagram!

 Good Luck and Happy Holiday thrifting!

~ All photography by the very talented Isaac Wray. ~

Oscars Red Carpet Recap on CTV Morning Live

Highlights from my CTV Morning Live post-oscars segment.

Highlights from my CTV Morning Live post-oscars segment.


The 2014 Oscars did not disappoint, there were a lot of memorable moments…Lupita’s supporting Oscar win, the now infamous Ellen selfie shot, and of course, the fashions we saw on the red carpet. Old Hollywood was in full force, as my actresses and even some actors paid homage to Tinsletown’s golden age with their ensembles, hair and make-up. I was once again invited to dish out my fashion hits and misses on CTV Morning Live Vancouver immediately following the Oscars, but I have to admit, choosing my lists this year were a bit of a challenge. There weren’t a lot of awful outfits, and for the most part, everyone looked decent across the board. But I decided that only a few actresses were able to give that extra “wow” factor, making my coveted hits list. To see exactly who, along with my entire list of misses, click on the below picture:


A big thank you to the lovely Keri Adams and the entire production crew at CTV Morning Live for having me on the show. And last but not least, thank you to my amazingly talented friend Jacob Rozenberg from Moods Salon for my Sandra Bullock inspired hair, I truly felt like a Hollywood screen siren!


Welcome to Style By Mana, on online publication where I can share with readers my passions for everything lifestyle, fashion and design. Putting this site together has been a long time dream of mine and I am so thankful that you’ve stopped by!

How did Style By Mana come about? After I created West Coast Style, my weekly fashion and beauty segment on local television (in my hometown of Vancouver), I realized that there was so much more that I wanted to share and inspire about fashion and design that went beyond the confines of a short timeslot on a television schedule. With an online space, whatever I share can be accessed anytime, anywhere and by anyone! Another reason to start this site came from YOU, my lovely viewers and fans of my work. So many women (and even some men!) would message me on social media or come up to me asking where they could find the trends we featured on the show, what myself and my interview subjects were wearing, or further questions about what we were discussing (i.e. what skin care should I get for oily skin like mine? etc.).

I do however want to put this out there, Style By Mana is not just a personal style profile. From time to time, you will see outfit posts, so that I can share my ideas of how to assemble outfits and trends, however this online publication is an extension of my work as a journalist, sharing tips, stories, and inspiration that you can translate into your own life. While this site will be primarily focused on fashion and beauty, we’ll be diving into other lifestyle topics from personal wellbeing to interior design, featuring some special guests and contributors along the way.

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