Style Your Home: Top 5 Vancouver Shops for Home Décor

Top 5 Vancouver Shops for Home Décor

My home featured in Framework Magazine, photo by Jeremy Jude Lee.


I have a confession to make…I am a huge sucker for home décor. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore fashion and beauty know-how, dedicating much of my professional career to uncovering the best in fashion in our city (which I still very much love doing), but late at night when I’m scouring Pinterest before bed, it’s “brass and glass” or “Hollywood regency” or “marble countertops” that seem to go into my search box more often. Decorating my home and injecting my personal taste throughout it these last few years have become real passion projects of mine, and after having lovely opportunities to share my home in Framework Magazine and on my friend Randa’s blog The Unprecedented (in addition to my own), many readers have emailed me asking where I source my items.

Mixing up my favourite cocktail inside my home for Framework Magazine, photo by Jeremy Jude Lee.

Mixing up my favourite cocktail inside my home for Framework Magazine, photo by Jeremy Jude Lee.


I take pride in the fact that many of my treasures are thrift. Although this gives new life to previously discarded items, it unfortunately doesn’t allow for many duplicates. So instead of going through where I sourced each and every item, I’ve complied a list of my top 5 favourite shops in Vancouver for you to check out (both new and thrift) so that you too can find you own special treasures.

1. Lofty Living – 610 Columbia Street, New Westminster

Top 5 Vancouver Shops for Home Décor

Inside Lofty Living, photo from Instagram.


This gem in the heart of New West’s heritage downtown district is full of wonderfully chic and carefully curated accessories and furniture for the home. The aesthetic is glam but with touches of modern, seen in such items as mirrored bedside tables to ceramic stag heads. Lofty Living also has a great selection of customizable, made-to-order furniture pieces from headboards to couches. Did I mention it’s only a short minute walk from the skytrain? BONUS.

2. The Main Sellution – 3206 Main Street, Vancouver

Top 5 Vancouver Shops for Home Décor

Inside The Main Sellution.


The Main Sellution is a second-hand consignment furniture shop that specializes in antique, vintage or highly unique pieces. They have a really good selection, and often add to their inventory every few days, if not everyday. I find that for the most part, their prices are reasonable, and they do offer affordable delivery for larger items. They also recently started offering painting workshops, so you can now learn how to refurbish your antique find from them as well.

The Main Sellution’s Facebook Page

3. L’Atelier Home – 452 West Cordova, Vancouver

Top 5 Vancouver Shops for Home Décor

Inside L’Atelier Home, photo by M’c kenneth Licon.


I first came across the new and upcycled furniture and accessories shop L’Atelier Home on a walk in Gastown when they were just opening. The paint was still drying, but owner Linda still made sure to introduce herself and chat about her passion for home décor and design. Since then, the shop has really made its mark in the neighbourhood, even expanding into a larger retail space next door. Moroccan poufs, French provincial settees, Voluspa candles and frame-worthy prints (including a selection from Randa’s I See Noise Prints) line the walls of L’Atelier Home. But it doesn’t end there. Linda also provides more selection to her customers through their online site.

4. Value Village- ALL LOCATIONS

Top 5 Vancouver Shops for Home Décor

Value Village on Victoria Street.


I have been going to Value Village since my teenage years, but more recently I’ve stocked up on home goods just as much as funky belts and purses. The key with shopping for home décor at a thrift shop is to be open-minded. Going there with a specific shopping list will leave you disappointed, as it’s almost impossible to find exactly what you’re looking for since items are so varied and diverse. So it’s best just to be patient and allow yourself a lot of time to discover new treasures. A lot of people ask me which Lower Mainland location is my favourite, and that I can’t answer as I’ve found great things at all of them. Just don’t go on a weekend!

5. Homesense- ALL LOCATIONS

Top 5 Vancouver Shops for Home Décor

The vast selection at Homesense.


Homesense to me is like drugs to an addict (I don’t mean to be crude, I mean that in the most honest and sincere way!). I crave, obsess and fantasize about my visits, and when they do happen, it’s like a sick high when I find a Lucite tray for $29 rather than the $100 it costs at other retailers. Not joking. If there were Homesense Anonymous I would be their honourary member. “Hi, I’m Mana and I’m a Homesenseoholic”, here’s why: great deals, new stuff every week in all home departments (furniture, lighting, bed, bath, home accessories, kitchen, and garden), and it takes care of my need for treasure hunting. Because that’s what is key, Homesense, just like thrift shops, needs patience, time and a good eye. Don’t expect to find the perfect item each visit, but when you do BUY IT, because it won’t be there tomorrow…or in an hour. Did I mention I was at Homesense too? 😉

Vintage 101: Top 5 Tips on Shopping Vintage

vintage bannerFrom as early as age 14, when my interest in fashion and personal style began, I have shopped and loved vintage/thrift. Those first experiences with vintage were rummaging through my mom’s closet, picking out fabulous pieces that she’d kept from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Wearing them might have gotten me a few weird looks from the other girls at my high school, but I felt great, not only because I looked so unique, but also because I knew the stories behind the garments. Stories like how my mom went to Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1973 to pick out a professional wardrobe, or finding small-town jewelry shops in Idaho on road-trips (as a side-note, my mom did her university studies in the US). Fashion has proved to be cyclical, but rather than always buying it new, I love incorporating the same trends from when they were first appeared on the radar. Not only does it give you a chance to have and wear one-of-a-kind pieces, but there’s also a history behind those pieces and the designers who made them…many of whom don’t design anymore. The added bonus? It’s good for the environment too.

Shopping vintage can be a bit overwhelming however. Many times the stores are jam-packed with a hodgepodge of different things, all displayed together, so searching through them can take a lot of patience and time. From my experience, I’ve compiled a list of my tips when shopping vintage, to make your shopping trips a whole lot more productive and fun.

  1. Give yourself a lot of time. Vintage shopping isn’t like running into Club Monaco to quickly grab a blazer. As I mentioned above, items are not always merchandised as clearly as other stores, and if you’re going to a thrift store like Value Village, it’s even more spread out.
  2. For the ladies, when shopping vintage, wear a handbag that’s cross-body or just bring your wallet. You’ll need your hands to look through garments and feel things, so the last thing you want is your hands to be tied up.
  3. Look at the make and quality of the pieces before purchasing. A lot of clothes were manufactured in North America or Europe back in those days and it should say so. Also look at the materials; if an item is mostly made up of acrylic or synthetic fibers, it’s not really worth it.
  4. Go for pieces that are classic, rather than what’s funky or outrageous, for example, a beige trench, a navy pea coat, military jackets, cashmere sweaters, etc. Also, any designer pieces that are classic to the brand, like a quilted Chanel purse or an LV suitcase are great finds. Not only do those pieces never go out of style but they actually increase in value if they’re keep in good condition.
  5. If it doesn’t fit but you absolutely love it, find a good tailor! This is something I think a lot of shoppers are weary of. They see something they love but if it’s not in their size, they disregard it. A good tailor can customize a piece to fit your body perfectly, which can modernize it as well.

Lastly, if you’re in the Vancouver area and want to know where to go for great quality vintage clothing, check out the clip below from my show West Coast Style. I featured two of my favourite local shops on an episode I did in season 1.

*I LOVE VINTAGE photo courtesy of the talented M’c Kenneth Licon.